Le Tolentino is a handmade jewelry brand that creates limited edition collections, unique pieces & custom.


photo: Alex Korolkovas


Composed by three series of jewelry, the collection 'Modernist 01' is inspired by the american architect Frank Lloyd Wright aiming a few of his emblematic buildings and also his work as a designer. The numeral in the name, stands for the idea of deployment, or outspread of this LeTolentino's survey that intends to delve into new editions.
In this collection, the jewelry the pieces combine the polished and the raw metal treatment to explore the solid, minimalist and monumental gest of the Guggenheim Museum in New York.
Gross faceted stones and sparkling gems stand out together in a volumetric offset planes representing the Fallingwater House, while the overlapping circles and angulated lines, typical of Wright's stained glasses, become instigating spheres an semicircles that multiply in reflexes.
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